Balkan Salsa Open History


This was the first year of Balkan Salsa Open held in its current format with three division: Salsa (Couples), Bachata and Teams. In Salsa Division, Vasil and Yoanna from Salsa Club Malambo - Bulgaria shared the first place in Professionals with the Romanian couple Valentin & Anna - Salsa Factory. The contestants from Romania made an absolute triumph in the Bachata Division, as well. During the year these couples attended numerous competitions and congresses in all accross Europe, including the World Latin Dance Cup. Champions in the Teams Division became one of the Bulgarian salseros' favorites - Miro' Dance - Shumen, Bulgaria.



The second edition of Balkan Salsa Open nominated two winner couples: Koko and Denitsa (Let's Dance) from Varna, Bulgaria and Dimitris and Stella (La Secta) from Athens, Greece. The ideology of the shared first place put on it both couples that actually received very close results. The presentation of the debut choreography of the couple from Varna, as well as, the performance of one of the most successful Greek couples, that won the 5th place in the World Latin Dance Cup in the same year, earned the admirations of the audience and the jury.



That was the year in which, for the first time, the free style - an integral part of the salsa competitions, was accompanied by the live performance of De Fuego Orquestra, who shared the stage with the competitors. The first place, with absolute tie, was shared by the defending champions Dimitris and Stella (La Secta) and the debutants on the Bulgarian stage - Marco and Samantha from Italy. That same year, the Greeks won third place in the World Latin Dance Cup, and the Italians became semi-finalists in the same format.



The winners of Balkan Salsa Open 2014 were Dimitris & Stella (La Secta) - Athens, Greece and Ioannis Perdikaris & Elena Rizea (Salsa Encanto) - Constanta, Romania. Dimitris & Stella defended their title and, with no any doubt, became Balkan Champions for 3rd consecutive year. Ioannis (who is also from Greece) and Elena managed to overcome their rivals and won on their second participation in this competition. Their grouth as performers and stage appearance made their instructors and colleagues from Salsa Encanto very proud and happy.



This year’s edition of the Balkan Salsa Open, once again, managed to raise the level of the contest to a higher level. The rivalry for the top was more challenging than ever. First places were won by Marco and Samantha (Italy) and Byron and Ariadni (Ecuador/Greece). In a remarkable way, the Italian couple managed to reach the top again - for second time after 2013. The charming Ecuadorian and the beautiful Greek lady won the first place in their debut participation in the competition this year. The third place was won by Adrian and Tatiana (Romania).


Each year the best presenting competitors receive their invitations and get new opportunities to perform on salsa stages all across Europe.